Pencil Planner

Thank you for being willing to search our answers to the mysteries of the universe! I assure you, we do not have all of those answers here, but hopefullly we can help you get answers to the questions you have about Pencil Planner & Calendar Pro on iOS.


When will ____ feature be available?

Most feature development on Pencil Planner version 1 has been halted.

For those who aren’t aware, we have released a new version of the app Pencil Planner & Calendar Pro. It is a separate app with a different pricing model. However, we are giving anyone who purchased version 1 a discount on Pencil Planner Pro greater than the value of Pencil Planner version 1. To learn how to receive that discount, or for more info on why, please visit this page

How can I quickly navigate to a future day?

For quick navigation you can tap with your finger on the date number or title displayed on a month or a week.

For example, if you are on the year view, tapping on “March” instance will bring you to the March month view. Then, tapping on “23” will take you to the week of the 23rd. Then, if you would like to get to the day view, tapping on 23 again will bring you to the 23rd day view.

If you are on a week view, and you would like to get to the month for that week, tap on the month title in the header in the top left.

How do I copy and paste to a different date?

  1. First use the “Selection” tool (the white pencil with striped tip) to draw around the content you want to copy.
  2. Tap in the middle of the selection to bring up the context menu, and tap “Copy”
  3. Scroll to the page where you want to paste, and tap somewhere on the screen, then tap “Paste”
  4. Drag the pasted content where desired

How do I get the app to sync between my iPhone and iPad?

Pencil Planner syncs automatically to your other devices using your iCloud account. If you are having trouble, here are a few things to try:

  1. Ensure both devices are on the same iCloud account and sync is on. Settings > Your Account > iCloud - verify “Pencil Planner” is set to “on”
  2. Verify iCloud storage is not full (Settings > Your Account > iCloud)
  3. Verify “iCloud Drive” is turned on from the same screen
  4. Verify when you visit Settings > Your Account > iCloud > Manage Storage - on both devices, that both devices show “Pencil Planner & Draw Calendar” on the list, and that on both devices show usage of the same storage amount (eg. “23.4 MB”)
  5. Check that both devices have the latest version of the Pencil Planner app (check the App Store)
  6. If the above suggestions are verified the devices should sync. But finally, it seems there is a bug where sometimes the updated pages don’t show up live, so if you write on one device you may have to wait 15-20 seconds on the 2nd device before killing and reopening the app and the updated canvas should be there. We hope to have a fix for this in the next version.
  7. Finally, one more thing to try would be to take the device where entries are not showing up as expected, and delete the app, then reinstall. After reinstalling, open it, wait 20 seconds, kill it, and open it again

How do I print a day/week/month/year?

We totally get it, you live in the real world, and sometimes you need a physical copy! We are working on a share feature that should be in your hands within weeks. In the meantime, you can take a screenshot and crop it to print. This is super convenient with an Apple Pencil, as you can follow these instructions:

  1. Move the pencil tools to the top right of the screen and make sure they are collapsed
  2. Drag in using the pencil from either of the bottom corners of the screen to create a screenshot
  3. Crop the image to the Calendar view you would like to print
  4. Tap the Share button in the top right, and select Print! Voila!

TIP: you can always use these same steps to create and image if you would like to email, text, or even tweet it. (be careful not to alert the Paparazzi though!)

How do I get my Apple/Google/Outlook Calendar to load into the app?

Fantastic question, it’s like you can see the future! We are working on this feature now, and hope to have it in a version soon during Q1 2020.

Why can’t I see what I wrote in the Month view while on the week view?

You’ve done it again, read our minds! This feature, as well as seeing the week entry on the day view we hope to make available Q1.

If you have issues or suggestions that this page doesn’t resolve, please reach out at